I help entrepreneurs and small business owners win money by providing techniques to master the Winner’s Pitch Method, leverage 1000s of funding opportunities, and avoid the failure trap so they can alleviate stress, build unwavering confidence, and put winning money on autopilot.

I'm ready to


There are millions of opportunities
 to win money. Through my
course, The Winner's Pitch Method will
be yours in just six weeks.

Maybe you've sought out
opportunities before,
but you've encountered the
following obstacles:

- Inconsistent Success
-Inability to source funding resources
-Lack of actionable input on
how to utilize funding opportunities
as a revenue stream for your business

Wherever you are in your journey
towards winning money,
I'm here to give you the Winner's Pitch
Method so you can build unwavering
confidence and put The Winner's
Pitch Method on autopilot.

I'm backed by
—and work with—the very best.

Let's work together to get you in the Winner's Circle.

I have won numerous

competitions, awards, and

funding opportunities, including:

✔️Generating $900,000 through personal winnings and coaching other entrepreneurs
✔️Techstars graduate—the #1 accelerator program in the nation

✔️ Northwestern University Pitch Competition Coach

✔️ Helped Business Support Organizations secure $430,000 in additional grant funding

✔️Winner of the UPS Pitch Competition with Marcus Lemonis

✔️ Winner of Invest Chicago Women’s Innovation Award

✔️ Winner of Pipeline Angel Pitch Competition

✔️ Top 100 finalist for the 2017 Chicago Innovation Awards

✔️ 1871 WiSTEM Accelerator graduate

✔️ Winner of and backed by Google for Startups

✔️ Winner of Collab Capital Pitch Competition

✔️ Winner of Northwestern University Graduate School Pitch Competition

✔️ Winner of the TechRise Chicago Pitch Competition

Who I am, and how I can

help you!

I am a second-generation minority serial entrepreneur who

has generated $900,000 in revenue by winning funding

opportunities and coaching other  entrepreneurs to


I’ve leveraged numerous types of funding opportunities, including

pitch competitions, grants, accelerators, angel investors, business plan

competitions, TV show competitions, and

individual investor meetings. 

My whole life, I've given 100% to

building my dreams.

I sold everything in my apartment, and found myself sleeping on my sister’s

nursery floor in order to make my entrepreneurial dream a reality.

I went on a 19-hour Greyhound bus ride to Washington DC and won a pitch competition.

I taught myself innovative technology

systems and built a customer base

from the ground up.

I stood on

the corner of Michigan Avenue pitching to customers as they walked

by and became post- revenue.

Now I want

to bring this same level of dedication to helping you win money for your venture.

With my Winner’s Pitch

Method and access to my

tools and resources, you
can avoid the failure trap,

alleviate stress, and put

winning money on

autopilot, all within six


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