Expand your capacity
and create philanthropic allies

Collect economic impact data without the hassle.

GoLogic System for Business Support Organizations

There is a greater need for Business Support Organizations than ever, but the lack of tools, data, and communication can be a real barrier to progress. 

Increase Your Impact

Through GoLogic’s customizable, unified SaaS platform Business Support Organizations gain automated data aggregation, economic impact reporting, insights on business progress, and a direct communication tool strengthening the communication loop with businesses. GoLogic gives you the tools you need to support businesses and economic acceleration.

A screenshot from the GoLogic system showcasing the reports that Business Support Organizations have access to.

Collect 100% Economic Impact Data Without Lifting A Finger

Our automated data aggregation solution extracts real-time data from the business’s day-to-day operations and produces downloadable reports.

A graphic highlighting that GoLogic provides Technology Assistance, Data Aggregation, Self-Paced Education, and Communication Tools.

Expand Capacity Without Jeopardizing Quality

Our platform positions you to be a hero for entrepreneurs and small businesses to help you serve more clients daily.

A dashboard from the GoLogic system showcasing how easy it is for an advisor to see their clients and communicate with them.

Eliminate The Guesswork When Advising or Consulting

Your clients don’t know what they don’t know. Take a look underneath the hood of their day-to-day operations through our unified platform. Use these critical insights to provide data-driven guidance.

A photo with a team meeting and a woman taking notes.

Optimize Your Efficiency

Hopping from tool to tool throughout the day to do your job can be exhausting. Our platform has consolidated all your tools into one platform. Now you can be the hero without the operational headache, lost time, or managing scattered information.

A graphic highlighting GoLogic's Community Funding Tools which include Philanthropic Partners, A New Revenue Stream, and a Fundraising Toolkit.

Increase Impact and Your Bottom Line   

Fundraising isn’t easy, but it can be complicated when you don’t effectively communicate your impact. Our real-time economic impact tool enables you to quantify and articulate impact stories to key stakeholders, funders, and leverage for marketing efforts.

A woman and man look over documents in a meeting.

Expedite Philanthropic Allies Rallying Around Your Mission   

Fundraising isn’t easy, but it can be complicated when you don’t effectively communicate.

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