Accelerating Economic Impact for All

About Us

What Is GoLogic Solutions?

GoLogic Solutions is the vehicle for accelerating economic growth and impact worldwide.

Our Purpose

We exist to help entrepreneurial dreams become a reality and accelerate economic impact for all people.

Our Vision

A world where anyone can be an entrepreneur without financial hardship.

Our Mission

To create thriving communities.

Who We Are

Founder, Patrice Darby Neely, is not new to entrepreneurship and the challenges entrepreneurs face--especially those from underrepresented communities. Through her experience and commitment to data, GoLogic has evolved into a platform that meets businesses where they are and creates specific, realistic goals with targeted training and business support organization support.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are faced with challenge after challenge--technology, funding, scaling, the list is endless. There wasn’t a solution that addressed in any comprehensive way the needs of small businesses. GoLogic isn’t a static, one-size-fits-all solution; it is your partner as you learn, grow, and thrive.

Leadership Team

A picture of our Founder Patrice Darby Neely.

Patrice Darby Neely

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

A picture of our Chief Technology Officer Dave Hoover

Dave Hoover

Chief Technology Officer

A picture of our Head of Operations & Finance Margaret Gorman

Margaret Gorman

Head of Operations and Finance

Meet Our Founder
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