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Ultimate Fundraising Database

Ultimate App Questionnaire

As a life-long entrepreneur, I know how difficult it can be to find funding for a new small business.

When I launched my first tech start-up,
I had sold everything in my apartment,
moved in with my sister, and found
myself sleeping on her nursery floor
in order to make my dream a reality.
However, when I approached the SBA
for a loan, I was turned down because I
lacked assets and credit. I wasn’t
credit-worthy—a position many small
business owners find themselves in.
Then I tried pitching my business to
investors, but I was turned away because
I was pre-revenue and had no proof of concept.

I could have easily given up at this point,
but I was so committed to my vision. I knew
there was a need that my solution could address.
After building a customer base on my own, I found
myself needing funding to scale up, and again,
I received rejection after rejection from banks and

I needed to find an alternative to traditional avenues of funding.
Soon I discovered the wealth of opportunities that exist for entrepreneurs outside of bank loans and VC investment.
I hopped on a 19-hour Greyhound bus ride to Washington D.C. and won my first pitch competition. Immediately, I began scaling.

I know that many entrepreneurs today find
themselves in a similar position. Thankfully,
there are many opportunities out there
that do not require you to be established
in the eyes of venture capitalists and loan
officers. I want to make sure you don’t miss
out on these alternative funding
opportunities, which include pitch
competitions, accelerators, grants,
and more! Along with my Pitch2Win
online course
, I’ve created two tools
drawing from my years of experience: the
Ultimate Funding Database and the Ultimate Application Questionnaire, to streamline the
process of securing capital for your business.

All the questions you need to prepare for in one place.

This database is an extensive monthly
updated selection of pitch competitions,
grants, accelerators, and more! This tool
can save small business owners hours of
searching for the funding sources that fit
their business model and play an integral
role in putting winning money on autopilot.
The overall combined amount of funding in
the database currently stands above 110
million dollars, and will only grow as the
database is expanded and updated.

My goal is to provide monthly updates to the
database in order to ensure that all opportunities stay relevant and up-to-date. Therefore, the value that entrepreneurs receive from this tool will
increase over time. And at just $25/month
for an annual subscription, you’ll quickly see a
return on your investment as you start winning money from opportunities you never knew existed!

I know how complicated searching for relevant opportunities can be,

and that’s why I’m committed to providing the best possible user experience for your

convenience!  To easily find the best sources of capital for your business, filter the

database by:

✔️Ownership Requirements

✔️Deadline Date

✔️Funding Amount


✔️Location Requirements

✔️Business Requirements (Tech, General, Product, Service, Environmental)

✔️Type of opportunity

Hundreds of funding opportunities are a click away.

Our Ultimate Application Questionnaire tool contains over 150

questions that are likely to be asked on applications for funding. Gain insight into the application

process, understand the types of questions you are likely to be asked on applications and in Q&A, and

receive Pro Tips on how to answer them!

Question Categories


✔️Business Strategy (Revenue and Bottom Line, Target Demographic,
Business Vision, Scaling, and Growth, Supply Chains
and Market Strategy, And More!)

✔️Community Impact

✔️Unique Value Proposition



✔️Problems, Solutions, and Innovation

✔️Company Milestones

✔️And More!